RV Slide-Out Seals

Uni-Grip’s slide-out seals for recreational vehicles (RV) and campers are the solution you need to keep dust, rain, and snow out of your RV and outside where it belongs. We have a very diverse line up of slide-out seals for your RV. All our slide-out seals have a combination of wipers and bulbs to achieve a clean wiping mechanism along with a soft seal of the slide-out room to seal out the elements.

Our slide-out seals can be attached with a clip-on mechanism or 3M tape. Our newest design is the patent pending Uni-Seal, which is attached with 3M tape for adhesion and sealing and is also reinforced with screws.


The Uni-Seal System is made of three parts: Uni-Seal, Uni-Seal B and the Uni-Seal F. This new slide-out sealing system encompasses all the seals you will need to seal most slide-out rooms on RV’s and campers. Uni-Grip has put together everything you need to remove and replace your slide-out seal with the Slide-Out Seal Replacement Kit.

To view all Uni-Grip’s slide-out seals you can checkout the Seal Finder which has prints, dimensions and the ability to order seals directly from our e-commerce store!

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