Seal Adhesives

There are two main types of tape that Uni-Grip applies to rubber profiles. PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) and HATS (heat-activated taping systems). PSA tape is a simple process of removing a tape backing and applying pressure to the profile. HATS tape is applied by heating up the backing of the tape and applying it to the extruded rubber profile.

In general, the PSA tape is less expensive and is a good option for light-duty applications where there will be little shear force or where the seal is also attached with a mechanical fastener like a screw or staple. The HATS tapes are more expensive but are superior in adhesive strength and can withstand a greater amount of shear force.

Below are some more details about each type of taping system.

What are the advantages of each and how does it affect the end application?


PSA (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive)

PSA tape comes in rubber, acrylic and silicone-based adhesives. Uni-Grip uses acrylic based PSA tape for its superior ability to be used in outdoor applications and stay firmly adhered to the substrate despite UV or chemical exposure. Standard widths of PSA tape are typically between 3/8" to 3/4".

Many of our customers request the PSA tape. It is a good economical option for adhering seals in static applications or compressed between two stationary objects. It could be used in some light duty dynamic applications or as a temporary adhesive before installing mechanical fasteners. For maximum adhesion we would recommending considering a HATS tape.

HATS (Heat-Activated Taping Systems)

Heat-activated taping systems (HATS) are superior to PSA tape in their adhesive strength, longevity of bond and ability to resist degradation due to moisture or environment. The backing must be heated in order to adhere it to the profile, which means it is a more complex process than PSA tape and a bit more expensive as well. The added cost is easily trumped by the benefits of a tape that performs well in dynamic and exposed environments. At Uni-Grip, we use only 3M™ HATS tape because it has become the industry standard for high performance tape.

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