Edge Trim Design

Uni-Grip makes edge trim in both EPDM (rubber) and PVC (plastic). Our rubber and plastic edge trim profiles can be used to cover unfinished edges for safety, or they can be added strictly for aesthetic purposes. The most common edge trims are made of plastic and have a steel core of flexible clips to maintain clasping ability while still able to seal around a radius. Although plastic edge trims are the most common, they can tend to crack under extreme cold temperatures and can fade in sunlight. (Uni-Grip’s plastic has an additive to reduce the tendency to fade in sunlight.) Edge trims made from rubber are an especially good choice for outside applications because of resistance to extreme temperatures and discoloration due to UV exposure.


Ensuring the proper fit on the flange is essential and easy to determine. This is a simple measurement and doesn’t require any additional computations other than taking a measurement of the width of the flange on which the edge trim will be put and identifying the edge trim that will fit that dimension. Our edge trims list the dimensions of the opening. You should be able to find one that will fit your application. If not, just give us a call, we can usually modify edge trims to fit your application without additional tooling costs.

The next dimension you want to match to the appropriate edge trim is the leg length. Bigger isn’t always better—an edge trim with a longer leg length than needed won’t fit snugly on the flange and may risk coming off the application. We are happy to help you determine the optimal length.

Two other factors to consider are:

1 ) How many tongues are on the profile to assist in clasping tightly onto the flange? Uni-Grip makes edge trims that have no tongues to up to four tongues on the profile. We recommend asking for a sample kit and trying them on your application to see what profile will fit snugly on your application without rolling or coming off.

2 ) Appearance. Plastic allows for a variety of textures on finished trims. There are several different designs that can be embossed onto the plastic of the profile to give your profile a finished look. The most requested design is the leather grain pattern, but other designs can be used as well such as herringbone and basket-weave.

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